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Myhre and Lund

The Myhre and Lunde families came from Trysil, Norway. Trysil is a mountainous area northeast of Oslo, very close to the Swedish border.

Myhre family pic

This is Lars Kristianson Myhre, his wife Ingeborg (bottom left) and children.

The Myhre family came to America not as a unit, but in individual groups. The first to come over was Lars Kristenson Myhre in 1871. The records show he landed in the Chicago area. His wife, Ingeborg and her 3 youngest children (Gjermund, Carl and Elise) came to Moorhead, Minnesota in 1877. Lars Larson and Kjersti came over in 1879. Marte, her husband, and daughter emigrated to America in 1881. Norwegian naming practice is as follows: If Lars Kristenson had a son named Carl, his name would be Carl Larson. If Carl in turn had a daughter named Oline, her name would then be Oline Carlsdatter. The name Myhre came from the farm on which they resided in Norway. Some Norwegians took the name of their father. The Myhre's used the farm name most of the time, but in the 1880 Census they are listed as Christianson (Kristenson)! 

Lars Larson's citizenship papers: The first papers were filed in Cass County North Dakota in 1880 and show his intent to become a citizen. The second papers were filed in Burleigh County North Dakota in 1888 and show him to be a naturalized citizen. 

I have been researching the family of Lars Kristensen Myhre and Ingeborg Jonasdatter Myhre. Their children are:

  1. Marte - b. 1848 married Svend Hovslien.Their children are Inga Hovslien and Lovise Hovslein Hoff. 
  2. Berte - b. 1852. Berte married Syverin Embretsen Stensaasen. Their children are Emil, Lars, Jorgen, and Harold. I have been in contact with some of Harold's familyrecently. Harold's last name was Steensausan when he emigrated from Norway, but changed to Steen in America. This family is listed as Severinsen, Stenssaasen, and Steen, so it's a bit confusing. I am not sure if Berte ever came to America or stayed in Norway.
  3. Johannes- b. 1854 married Amanda (last name unknown)-Their children are Hilda and Esther.
  4. Kristiana - b. 1857 married John Regan - Their children are Henry, Albert, and possibly a daughter-name unknown. Kristianna also had a son, Louis Regan, who is probably the son of Even Andreassen.
  5. Ingeborg - b. 1857 married Halvor Halvorson. Their child is Aggie Bethina.
  6. Lars - b. 1858 married Johanna Lunde.  Their children are Oscar, John, Inga "Louise", Karl "Charlie", Helga, Emil, Oliver and Johanna.
  7. Kjersti - b. 1860 married Gustang Hofos. Their children are: Oscar, Charlotte, Gertie(?), Ida, Gilbert, Grace and Otto. I beleive there may be an older daughter named Enga Hofos.
  8. Gjermund  "George" - b. 1862. Never married.
  9. Karl - b. 1868. Never married.
  10. Elise - b. 1869.  Married Ole Stensrud, Mr. Beatty, and Mr. McMullan. Their child is Arthur McMullan.

I am beginning to learn more about the Lunde family in America. Lars Myhre married Johanna Lunde.  Johanna and her brother came to America in 1880.  Johanna's parents, Ola and Ragnhild came to America in 1887 and Johanna's sister Oline in 1890.   Ragnhild (AKA Sophie) came to America in 1885.  I know that Johanna, Lars, Oscar (age 1), Lars' brother Carl, and Johanna's brother John Lunde all lived together in Morton County, North Dakota. Sophie was also there for a brief time before moving to Maine.

If you have any information about these families, please let me know.  I am especially interested in finding Lars Kristenson's brothers, who I believe came to America with him.  They were not from Trysil, but were from Faaburg, Norway. 

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