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Monongalia County, WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AMMONS, Charles C.  Sep 1879Monongalia County, WV I1336
2 DARRAH, Amy  17 Mar 1844Monongalia County, WV I165
3 DARRAH, Elvira  30 Jul 1838Monongalia County, WV I162
4 DARRAH, Orpha  12 Apr 1850Monongalia County, WV I169
5 EDDY, Audia Beatrice  1895Monongalia County, WV I1322
6 EDDY, Henry D.  27 Nov 1872Monongalia County, WV I1321
7 GUMP, Amy  4 Apr 1855Monongalia County, WV I1163
8 GUMP, Catherine  20 Apr 1868Monongalia County, WV I1170
9 GUMP, Fama  1857Monongalia County, WV I1164
10 GUMP, Henry  15 Dec 1865Monongalia County, WV I1168
11 GUMP, Louis  21 May 1870Monongalia County, WV I1171
12 GUMP, Sarah F.  30 Mar 1861Monongalia County, WV I1166
13 HARKER, James  13 May 1880Monongalia County, WV I1465
14 JONES, Author  1878Monongalia County, WV I1274
15 JONES, Catherine (Katy)  8 Oct 1828Monongalia County, WV I1144
16 JONES, Chancelor L.  1877Monongalia County, WV I1273
17 JONES, David Worley  22 Apr 1831Monongalia County, WV I1145
18 JONES, Emma  27 Feb 1862Monongalia County, WV I1155
19 JONES, Henry C.  8 May 1858Monongalia County, WV I1196
20 JONES, Ida  19 Mar 1865Monongalia County, WV I1157
21 JONES, John Calvin  27 Aug 1854Monongalia County, WV I1176
22 JONES, John H.  29 May 1833Monongalia County, WV I1146
23 JONES, Levina  8 Jun 1849Monongalia County, WV I1148
24 JONES, Lewis Linville  2 Jul 1871Monongalia County, WV I1204
25 JONES, Ludica  12 Apr 1862Monongalia County, WV I1199
26 JONES, Martha D.  1890Monongalia County, WV I1271
27 JONES, Martha E.  4 Oct 1856Monongalia County, WV I1177
28 JONES, Martha Jane  1864Monongalia County, WV I1200
29 JONES, Otis B.  17 Sep 1868Monongalia County, WV I1202
30 JONES, Phebe Catherine  1864Monongalia County, WV I1183
31 JONES, Prudence  16 Mar 1851Monongalia County, WV I1151
32 JONES, Sanford  26 Apr 1857Monongalia County, WV I1154
33 JONES, Sarah Margaret  22 Jun 1877Monongalia County, WV I1186
34 JONES, William  2 Oct 1825Monongalia County, WV I520
35 JONES, William Dayton  22 Nov 1895Monongalia County, WV I1272
36 PARK, Sarah  22 Mar 1827Monongalia County, WV I1147
37 PARK, Sarah Catherine  1 Dec 1855Monongalia County, WV I1241
38 PARKER, Corbley Anderson  30 Mar 1880Monongalia County, WV I1252
39 PARKER, Felix  7 Feb 1856Monongalia County, WV I1253
40 PARKER, Fielden  7 Feb 1856Monongalia County, WV I1248
41 PARKER, Mary M.  1878Monongalia County, WV I1254
42 PARKER, William A.  1879Monongalia County, WV I1255
43 PYLES, Harry Harrison  23 Jan 1893Monongalia County, WV I1327


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GUMP, Phebe  4 Sep 1891Monongalia County, WV I1167
2 HAUGHT, Simon Jr.  10 Jun 1952Monongalia County, WV I1262
3 JONES, Catherine (Katy)  8 Oct 1899Monongalia County, WV I1144
4 JONES, David  29 Dec 1881Monongalia County, WV I160
5 JONES, Ida  21 Mar 1866Monongalia County, WV I1157
6 JONES, John H.  25 Feb 1873Monongalia County, WV I1146
7 JONES, Lewis Linville  31 Oct 1897Monongalia County, WV I1204
8 JONES, Martha D.  11 Jul 1898Monongalia County, WV I1271
9 JONES, Martha E.  1 Feb 1923Monongalia County, WV I1177
10 JONES, Otis B.  26 Oct 1880Monongalia County, WV I1202
11 JONES, Phebe Catherine  4 Sep 1869Monongalia County, WV I1183
12 JONES, Prudence  5 May 1852Monongalia County, WV I1151
13 JONES, William Dayton  23 Nov 1895Monongalia County, WV I1272
14 MASTERS, Phoebe  11 Jul 1866Monongalia County, WV I161
15 PARK, Sarah Catherine  6 Mar 1938Monongalia County, WV I1241
16 PARKER, W. Emery  23 Nov 1893Monongalia County, WV I1275


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Darrah / JONES  23 Aug 1836Monongalia County, WV F122
2 JONES / PARK  1849Monongalia County, WV F377